Pushing the game industry forward


Who you are

As a game developer, visualizing breathtaking worlds and bringing them to life is your passion. You’re a creator. A programmer. A designer. A storyteller. An artist. But most of all, you want to spend as much time as possible doing what you love: create your own IP.

The only thing that’s missing here, is the link between you and investors who understand the potential of the emerging game industry. Between project and investment. Between dream and achievement. Between opportunity and success.

Who we are

That’s where we drop in. The one secret character that’s been missing: ForsVC. 

“ForsVC helps game developers to build the future faster by allowing them to focus on what they are good at: 
making games!”

At ForsVC, we have a soft spot for early-stage game studios and focus mainly on entertainment video games, but you’re more than welcome to surprise us with something else.


Now that we all got to know each other, it’s time to join forces and create powerful relationships. 

By combining our expertise, networks and resources, we create value and will take your company to the next level! While our focus in on the Belgian games industry, companies from The Netherlands, France, and Germany can also apply.